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tv   Headline News  RT  June 27, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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to your facebook u. street. ukraine's president signs up for closer ties with the e.u. but it was his predecessors failure to join the club which ignited the deadly february revolution and the ongoing armed conflict in ukraine's defined east. just hours before would such to expire ukraine's president and anti-government fighters in the east extend a ceasefire for another three days but it's a truce that's already seen both civilians and national guard fighters killed in the latest confrontation. syria's embattled rebels are now in line for five hundred million dollars military aid package from the u.s. but there are fears the weapons could end up on the wrong side of the barricades. also in the latest setback to buy berlin's already made for his new airport has
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revealed a freight engineer was hired to design the fire safety system causing the opening to be delayed yet again. live from moscow this is our g international you with me to one would say it's good to have your company with us this evening. ukraine's president has a trade agreement with the e.u. the failure to sign the deal is what triggered the toppling of his predecessors while the terms of the agreement ultimately led to the ongoing bloody standoff in the country's east however budget poroshenko says he's carrying out the will of the nation the people demanding european future very clear every single region of ukraine. support one candidate demonstrating we are very
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different form we are ready for europe we are ready for peace. well financially challenged europe still doesn't appear to be quite ready for ukraine they ease commissioner for enlargement has said to kiev is still needs to prove its european convention brock's energy commission has won the bailout for greece is peanuts compared to the billions brussels would have to be to cough up to save kids' ailing economy the president of the european commission says the e.u. is not ready to integrate a country like ukraine at its stage that sentiment is also echoed by the foreign minister of europe's powerhouse germany which comes as no surprise to financial expert patrick. ukraine which last year was in a catastrophic position how it's signed a free trade association this year is going to associate with the european union are the point when it's on the brink already of economic disaster this is
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a catastrophic move for the ukrainian economy the only winners either this or a few sadly deluded egos whether they're in brussels whether they're in washington who believe some horror other they've achieved a great geopolitical victory for the people of ukraine there are no jobs to be hard here there's only going to be job losses there is no economic growth to be hard by suddenly having western european good job at no cost to your marketplace this is a disaster it's a very very tragic day for the people of ukraine who want to improve their economic outlook. ukraine's president and the self-proclaimed eastern republics have extended the ceasefire until monday just hours before it was set to expire and both sides have seemingly set out to compromise as a president to replace his commitment to talks on reconciliation while the anti-government forces have invited european observers into the regions however
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overnight exchanges of fire near the city of slavyansk have left casualties on both sides of the conflict a woman and her twenty six year old son were killed in an army shelling on the outskirts of slavyansk they died after their house was hit by one of the rockets and that's not the only time when the shaky truce has been broken residents of the defined city of comma tosk claim this city was shelled continuously throughout the week it was ongoing until we find the village of. which was almost a race to the ground and the city of slovyansk also came under a teller refire numerous times during the week now the village of approval. for one of the worst spikes of wind with one woman reportedly killed the casualties also mounting in the pro-government camp and more than twenty national guard fighters have reportedly been killed near the city of slavyansk in an overnight battle a man cause
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a lot of has more battle took place last night and according to reports at least twenty soldiers or twenty fighters of ukraine's national guard were hurt were killed as a result of that the national guard has developed its first very call back division formed specifically to aid the ukrainian army and its military operation against a defiant east of the country now we also learned that the government forces have destroyed two armored personnel carriers belonging to the national guard. the timeline of ukraine's ongoing crisis and more expert analysis is available for you online at r.t. dot com. the syrian rebels are losing the war against president assad's forces but their luck could soon turn thanks to washington president obama wants congress to dish out half a billion dollars to train and equip syria's moderate opposition but there are
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fears the move will flood the region with weapons that could fall into the wrong hands as marina bought my explains. the obama administration is requesting for lawmakers to approve five hundred million dollars in spending for the purpose of arming the syrian opposition the white house claims that only appropriate vetted elements of the moderate opposition would receive direct training from the u.s. military and be equipped with american weapons and ammunition u.s. officials insist that the weapons would serve to empower the syrian people and help them push back against the government as well as the militant extremist group isis which actually has been fighting to topple bashar al assad since the civil war began more than three years ago however as recent events have shown american weapons may very well end up in its enemies hands just two weeks ago isis an all out assault on iraq's second largest city mosul causing a reported thirty thousand iraqi soldiers who were trained by the u.s.
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military to turn around and run as a result sunni extremists have seized stockpiles of american weapons and ammunition as well as u.s. humvees the bloodshed being unleashed in iraq by isis has arguably been strengthened by the fact that militants are fighting with u.s. weapons in afghanistan the taliban is now armed with u.s. made stinger missiles which according to reports were originally sent to libya when the obama administration was arming the opposition rising up against former leader moammar gadhafi for more than a decade the u.s. has been drowning the arab world in weapons arming locals to help them overthrow governments not only how is it created absolute chaos and bloodshed it is arguably the strength in terrorist organizations because the weapons at least some of them are ending up in the hands of the enemy as for syria the devastating civil war killed some one hundred fifty thousand people and the international community does agree that something should be done question is is sending weapons to one side of
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the conflict which includes terrorists the best solution reporting from washington d.c. marina. r.t. . the bobcat does and tug of war in washington has seen of the white house changes mind several times over intervention in syria direction on the lethal aid to the rebels was given to was given the green light rather more than a year ago but in december supplies were suspended after a lion's share of the u.s. equipment was seized by jihadists however earlier this month washington admitted it's been correctly sending lethal age to the opposition intelligence analyst lawrence freeman joins us live now with his of thoughts on the latest good to have you with us again here on our team the pentagon chief chuck hagel has all the details planning for the proposed military aid package to the syrian rebels is it a done deal you well know first was attached to. congressional funding bill for the defense department so there may be some
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opposition especially in the house to this power but powell sees deathbird it's foolish and actually it's quite dangerous it could as it's going to escalate the war and chaos in that region. then my next question will be the you know the motorist syrian rebels have disbanded the military command body of a corruption allegations and so forth how transparent and accountable to flow to foreign aid into the opposition. well that's the point the fact of the matter is the obama policy from the beginning has been for regime change as we saw in libya as we saw in ukraine and we've seen in other parts of the world and so now the administration is going to be providing if approved by the congress higher quality weapons to the rebels but the rebels are intermission with
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the they can interchange an interconnected with all the jihadists in the jihad is control large parts of territory they control large checkpoints so there is no way that these weapons are not going to find themselves into the jihadist hands and the whole purpose is for the overthrow of the government here and this is a policy that could lead to a global war with russia and china if it continues speaking of jihad as rebels they seem to be on the rope in syria but i do get me they also gaining ground in iraq who's winning the regional war really and why well. if you look at the comments of the prime minister maliki of iraq he has accused saudi arabia of all meaning and training the isis insurgents. there are also allegations that the united states may have been involved in some of the training of the isis insurgents with training camp in jordan
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so the saudis because others are directly involved in this regime change policy in syria and in iraq and united states has helped and created these conditions and this will cause chaos in an expanding war in the region the only real alternative is to impeach president obama and that's what my organization is concentrating we have to get obama out of office to stop the world from going further into war let me ask you this final question the last batch of chemical weapons have been shipped out of syria now is that going to make any kind of difference in terms of deescalating the crisis. well it should but it won't because there's a power and the power to see is british regime change policy and even though the syrians have gone ahead and the russians were very much involved in facilitating
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the destruction of chemical weapons. hopefully changed rational people but obama is not rational and he's not thinking and he has no foreign power see other than the continue the regime change policies that we had under a george bush and dick cheney and that makes him very dangerous and the only way to change him is to get him out of office and there's a reason upsurge going on in the congress and other attacks on the president that could we do impeachment proceeding and that would be the best possible choice to prevent for the war in syria iraq and also against russia i would like to find out more but we've run out of time intelligence analysts so lawrence freeman they joining us on our chief national thank you for your views. meanwhile the u.n. is pleading for action over what's been called an inhumane suffering of the syrian people the world body is the age she says almost eleven million syrians need human
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tarion help that's half of the country's population but some are now at least being able to return to their homes as maria for national reports. police raids in central syria used to be beset by snipers and anyone driving here could be kidnapped that's one of the strongest western area known as the moon was controlled by armed drug tell your brother next to the syrian lebanese border is just eighty kilometers from the capital damascus but it is like a state within a state that has its own security forces police and even the army you can see is symbols of new authorities here everywhere graffiti or three stars that means free syrian army is controlling this area the syrian military cannot enter six months later return. the main square. feet of the syrian army spectrum after months of fierce battles and numerous offensives.
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officers say i can take off my flak jacket my dear friend. it's friday today and the officers tell us that all the shops are closing the restaurants a close eye roll out see lots of people on the streets but there is another reason actually many residents fled this town and entire area of cologne. to escape from atrocities. at the city's mosque the heart of this predominantly muslim town friday prayers have just finished. most of these people who only returned to the town recently for the hot outside. my home was hit and destroyed thank god the army is now back to mood is also home to a big christian community a different face he used to live in harmony here for years until islamic rule was imposed by the rebels many being religious zealots some linked to al-qaeda or free
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syrian mostly officially they were religious groups jihadi but in fact it was normally asian or anything else their religion was money. oh look this young man shows us what used to be a jewelry shop it was looted and then set on fire. with luck made all cloying they were on motorbikes they call themselves the free syrian army they used to also take food coming to town from damascus often they were also kidnapping people locals hope the dog days a gun just a week after we left the town fighters attacked the army positions in the region again several other areas across syria still remain house by rebels or jihadists it seems that despite the army's recent success it's still too early to say when this diverse state in war will be over. rich nationality from syria. still to come for you this hour the world turns
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a blind eye to. thousands of african refugees held captive in egypt the sinai peninsula. the mission much of. the report on one is a way to add to this is trying to drum up support for her campaign but putting the tar of human trafficking and torch on the sole screen that's off the shelf break. the media leave us so we leave the people. by the sea pushing through the play your party years ago. their shoes that no one is there still with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are t.v. .
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dramas the truth be ignored. stories others refused to notice some. food since changing the world lights now. on the old picture of today's new no longer one from around the globe. look to. as ukraine struggles with a ceasefire the regime in kiev says it is committed to an association agreement with the impact of which could be truly painful for the ukrainian people dividing ukraine continues. thanks for staying with us for thousands of israel bombed refugees from africa the search for a better life ends up in torture camps they fall into the hands of ruthless
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smuggling gangs and then simply vanish in egypt's sinai desert more than three thousand migrants per month come from the east african state of ethiopia alone and many of them i kidnap for ransom and tortured until their families pay if they don't to human traffickers reporting we execute the hostages hostages more than four thousand people estimated to have been killed since two thousand and eight and around a thousand fold to be in captivity right now. that's why the president of the retreat demanded an investigation by the international community has remained largely silent with israel in particular ignoring the problem on its own doorstep it's a prime minister once even described the refugees as infiltrators miron as someone is a swedish it reads them activists who tried to raise awareness of about the victims of torture by punching they applied on the big screen.
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over. there were melting plastic bags and dropping it in their backs this is the burns. bush on. the bottom of your children. maranatha foreigners talk to an isa now in hell program there now she believes there is a big difference in the way the captives are treated seen kids children that are two years old being tortured there were some kids that have to watch their mother being burned alive and they survived so this is the kind of people that i talk to the torture is it's not any as or tortured like we see a horror movie or something it's where people are tortured twenty four hours
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a day deprived deprived of food deprived how is there not more international weirdness about what's happening in fine might be amount of gaffes the type of torture and the millions of dollars that have been made by these hostage takers who . also have to do is race you know we we have seen americans getting kidnapped in the sinai. it took only twenty four hours to release them last year a norwegian woman was kidnapped in the same area and it took about a week for her to be released. we've seen last year also an israeli man being kidnapped and also took a few days for him to be released so this happens all quite often to westerners as well but they're out days and they don't get to experience the torture as a free country. it has to do with race. a glance or some other news from around the world this hour some fifteen thousand people have served over what they say was mass forward during afghanistan's presidential election past gathered
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outside the presidential palace in kabul voicing support for one of the candidates abdul of dilla he dropped out of the race after a vote rigging allegations during this month's runoff final results are due in july made a taliban insurgency that's still raging and the pulling out of nato forces. a gas pipeline blasted sol the really india has killed in these fourteen people and left two dozen injured in the flames are as high up into the sky and girls in buildings and forcing people to flee to safety the pipeline belongs to india's largest state owned gas company so it is have ordered a probe into what caused the explosion. long queues a stretch outside the capital of iraq's oil rich kurdish region that's because the ongoing security crisis is in the country has led to severe fuel shortages in several cities largest oil refinery was shut down last week amid severe clashes
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with isis militants who have already taken control of huge areas across iraq the army is now in control of the site crush up on supplies is growing. clashes between police and protesters over the vision of refugees continue in berlin hundreds of people formed blockades to prevent people being forced out of this watch only forty asylum seekers remain there it has been occupied for more than eighteen months now. staying in berlin the construction although one of the lodges a port in germany is turning into a fiasco corruption claims poor planning in a budget that's gone through the roof that new terminal is now four years behind schedule i can't get all of our reports on the latest scandal to ground the facility. at this time of an airport should be bustling with holiday makers jetting off for their summer vacations not here though at brandenburg the airports two
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years behind schedule and the only people the construction work is still working on the project with costs spiraling out of control it's really become a comedy of errors the latest scandal involves the fire safety system moreover the man that designed it it's a merge that he didn't have any qualifications to be in a position to do so what he did have though was a business card that said that he was an engineer turns out that wasn't worth the paper that it was written on but how does a man with no qualifications find himself in a very important position on a multibillion euro project you know more on this i'm joined by steve from the party of reason safe if i in a business card that said i was an astronaut would but that mean i got to go into space quite likely for was the space agency was run by the same people that are running this airport wouldn't surprise me at all but what's going on here what's happening with this project right now cost overruns without end technical disasters
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and political decisions being made and in my opinion it's probably due to the fact that government agencies bureaucrats are trying to make a huge project which should have been better left off to a private consortium to build as it was initially intended to be i mean we don't even know when this airports could open next year no sixteen seventeen maybe eighteen maybe never who knows thank you very much there we go we don't know when it's going to open some estimates of put a final cost of around ten billion euro on finally getting this airport it berlin brandenburg open it certainly hasn't gone smoothly here. also the break is legendary larry king on r.t. international stay with us. all.
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economic records for. north. korea. during got some. optimists now right in parts. of what would happen if the republicans have signs to. choose your language. calling for a kid with no influential son to say still some of the. treatments that the consensus can click ok i choose to tell us that in the great book. choose the stories that impact the lives choose b. access to your office or.
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we've got an updated perspective on the violence in iraq from a former marine who fought there does the u.s. have any good options in the crisis plus the latest on the problems within the veterans administration then the right to keep and bear arms it's at the heart of one of the most controversial parts of the u.s. constitution and a red hot topic in american politics my go all month attorney former speechwriter for president clinton delivers a biography of the second amendment it's all next on politicking. i tested in a new book on the second amendment later in the show but first we'll focus on what's happening in iraq in the latest on the scandal within the veterans administration joining me to talk about this is dan caldwell
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a former active duty marine who served in operation iraqi freedom he's currently the issues in legislative campaign manager for concerned veterans of america he joins us from washington dan we'll talk about the veterans administration in a moment but what's your read on what's going on in iraq. well it's an unfortunate situation and i think it's a result of a very schizo phrenic foreign policy in the middle east that we've seen during this current administration there's been very degrees of focus on iraq and on the middle east in general and there's been a really incomplete policy one minute we're drawing red lines the other minute we're talking about leading from behind we're being very aggressive in things like don't drone strikes going after al qaeda but then the next we're pulling back this is really results i think of this current administration not paying a proper attention to the growth of this group in the middle east and what has been going on in iraq and other countries for
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a while now so what should we do in your opinion now. well there's a couple different things and i want to rank them in order of priority the first priority is to ensure the safety of the thousands of americans that are working and living in iraq they're there at the behest of our government they work for the state department there's a few military personnel there are marines like myself at the embassy various different contractors security people there to help iraq we need to make sure they're safe we need to make sure that they have a proper evacuation plan in place that can be executed on either by the military or by private contractors and then the next priority is to really make sure that we start to contain and roll back isis right now isis just took control of the iraq's largest oil refinery that's very disturbing they can seriously damage iraq's economy and in my mind what is even worse is that they're very close to seizing the hey do you think dam in western iraq if isis gains control of that facility they
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could flood a large portion of the country and cut off about a third of the electrical power in iraq that could create a huge humanitarian crisis i believe that the united states military needs to look at options to ensure the safety of that dam up to including seizing it like we did in two thousand and three with the ranger regiment and other special operations for the new york times poll the c.b.s. news eight only eighteen percent of americans think this whole iraqi war was worth the cost in blood and treasure what are your thoughts on that and i will say that we don't know at this point if this war is worth it and quite frankly i don't think there's really a point in arguing that at the at this point it doesn't matter what decisions we made in two thousand and three or in two thousand and seven with the surge the fact that matters is an extremely.


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